Article published in Nature Physics!

Our work in collaboration with HZDR in Dresden Germany has been published in Nature Physics: Coupling of terahertz light with nanometre-wavelength magnon modes via spin–orbit torque, which can be accessed at read here Using a special material stack, we have been able to excite nanometer spin waves with a terahertz field of millimeter wavelength, solving the momentum mismatch of a factor of one million. It is equivalent to striking a guitar string with a plectrum which is about 1000 kilometers wide. This is an important result that bridges the macroscopic world of classical physics and the microscopic one of quantum mechanics. The work has been highlighted in the “News and Views” of the journal. Read also the outreach summary at HZDR and Venice.

Article published in Physical Review Letters!

Our most recent work on the magnetization inertial dynamics has been published on Physical Review Letters: Inertial Spin Dynamics in Epitaxial Cobalt Films

We investigated the spin dynamics driven by terahertz magnetic fields in epitaxial thin films of cobalt in its three crystalline phases. We observed that the terahertz magnetic field generates a torque on the magnetization which causes it to precess for about 1 ps, with a subpicosecond temporal lag from the driving force. Then, the magnetization undergoes natural damped THz oscillations at a frequency characteristic of the crystalline phase. We could describe all the experimental observations solving the inertial Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation. Using the results from the relativistic theory of magnetic inertia, we found a proportionality between the angular momentum relaxation time and the strength of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy.