Group Activity in a Nutshell

LION stands for “Laboratory of Innovative (Opto)electronic Nanodevices”. Led by Dr. Domenico De Fazio and Dr. Giovanni A. Salvatore, LION is a dynamic research group dedicated to advancing electronic and optoelectronic devices by engineering the properties of novel nanomaterials for the next generation of technologies.

Low-dimensional Optoelectronic Devices

Optoelectronics in low dimensions is an intriguing and promising field of research due to several compelling reasons. Low-dimensional materials, such as two-dimensional materials, exhibit unique optical and electronic properties that differ from their bulk counterparts. These materials host quantum confinement effects, enhanced light-matter interactions, and tunable electronic band structures. Such properties enable precise control and manipulation of optoelectronic processes, paving the way for novel device functionalities. Here at LION, we employ various methods to synthesize two-dimensional materials through mechanical exfoliation and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Characterization plays a pivotal role in our work: we utilize microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to investigate the structural, optical, and electronic properties of these materials. Once synthesized and characterized, we combine the materials onto a diverse range of substrates, including flexible and rigid substrates, enabling their integration into different device architectures. We utilize nanofabrication techniques, such as lithography, to engineer and pattern the materials at the nanoscale and perform optoelectronic characterization of these devices, aiming to push the boundaries of low-dimensional materials for exciting applications.

Thin Film Bioelectronics

This research strand encompasses the design, prototyping and testing of thin film devices, circuits and sensors formed by innovative classes of material with emphasis on those that can be deposited on large area and that are biocompatible and/or (bio)degradable, including natural polymers, amorphous and organic semiconductors, and non-critical metals. Here at LION, we are dedicated to researching and engineering the properties of cutting-edge materials, strategically optimizing device designs to achieve mechanically flexible and stretchable formats, all while maintaining uncompromised opto-electrical performance. The ultimate goal is to construct the next generation of wearables with skin-like format, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices that are massively deployable and environmentally sustainable.

Dr. Domenico De Fazio
Dr. Giovanni A. Salvatore

Research Interests