Riccardo Arpaia

Tenure Track: Superconducting thin film growth, X-ray resonant scattering.

Andrea Auconi

Research Fellow: Theoretical physicist working on complex information in archival texts.

Stefano Bonetti

Full Professor: Experimental condensed matter dynamics, terahertz and X-rays.

Guido Caldarelli

Full Professor: Complex networks and statistical physics.

Elti Cattaruzza

Full Professor: Synthesis of thin films and characterization of surfaces by physical techniques.

Domenico De Fazio

Tenure Track: Optoelectronics of graphene, layered materials and their hybrids.

Peppino Fazio

Associate Professor: Telecommunication systems, mobile and quantum key distribution networks.

Achille Giacometti

Full Professor: Statistical mechanics of soft matter systems: equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties.

Francesco Gonella

Full Professor: Stock-flow simulations of complex systems dynamics by emergy analysis.

Riccardo Piccoli

Tenure Track: Ultrafast and nonlinear optics, attosecond science and terahertz technology.

Matteo Porro

Associate Professor: Semiconductor radiation detectors and integrated readout electronics.

Flavio Romano

Associate Professor: Numerical simulation of colloidal systems and biology-inspired polymers.

Giovanni A. Salvatore

Associate Professor: Thin film electronics and sustainable materials.

Enrico Trave

Associate Professor: Advanced optical (nano)materials and light emission processes.