Electronics Lab

Responsible: Giovanni A. Salvatore

Instruments and tools:

  • Probe station FormFactor EPS150TRIAX-EDU.
  • Stretching set-up.
  • Dual channel lock-in amplifier, dual channel sourcemeter, 2 x waveform generators, oscilloscope, virtual network analyser, bench power supply, cDAQ bundle + chassis, USRP transmitters, LCR meter and digital multimeter.
  • 3D printer,  dispenser, analytic scales, film applicator, benchtop programmable mechanical cutter plotter.
  • Stereo-microscope.
  • Fume hood, hot plates and soldering station.

Laser Optics Lab

Responsible: Enrico Trave

Instruments and tools:

  • Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy setup.
  • Spectrofluorometer.
  • Q-switched Nd:YAG laser + Optical parametric oscillator (OPO).
  • 8 W Ar-Kr continuous-wave (CW) laser multiline.

Sputtering Lab

Responsible: Elti Cattaruzza

Instruments and tools:

  • Custom-built RF-magnetron sputtering system for thin films deposition, equipped with three independent circular (2 inches diameter), water-cooled, planar radiofrequency (13.56 MHz) magnetron sources. The circular sample holder (11.3 cm diameter) can be RF-biased and/or heated during deposition (up to about 500°C). Three different and independent working gas lines are present.
  • Dual-frequency atmospheric plasma jet for cold, efficient and clean plasma surface treatments.
  • Alpha-Step profiler for 2D profiling, providing up to 2000 μm vertical range, Ångström resolution, low force (down to 1 mg).